Quotable Chad Longworth Online

“Parents and players get consumed with their mechanics. Develop freedom, athleticism and speed first. Refine later. 9 out of 10 videos I get sent to me need bat speed programming above anything.”

Quotable Kyle Boddy – Driveline Baseball

“You’re a good father. IMO:

-Encourage your son to play multiple sports (don’t force it)

-Read MLB PitchSmart on innings limits

-Stay away from year-round baseball (basically just don’t let him throw year-round)

-Get him into a general physical training program of sorts”

Tweet 1/7/2019

This is a response to this question (for clarity, I was not the person who asked the question):

“Is 9 yrs old to early to be looking into this stuff? My son is a solid baseball player and I just want to do whatever I can to help him train and reach is potential. I also don’t want to be a crazy dad n do too much to burn him out. What do you suggest to train a young athlete?”

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