You Will Choose A Tiger. But Which One?

The attached video applies to way more than just youth sports and that is its true greatness. While the vid is easy to understand be sure to listen closely for the context of these phrases:

  • never struggles
  • same tools – different environment
  • no matter what we trying to learn … at the edge of our ability, a little outside of our comfort zone is where development (getting better) takes place
  • our comfort zone is the zoo … limits development
  • everybody knows this
  • understand fear

In less time then it takes to drive 20 miles, you can learn the benefits of being a jungle tiger. Enjoy!

Who Gets Recommended

A recommendation is not an endorsement.

I have not received nor will I accept payment to be listed as a recommendation.

Now that we have that out-of-the-way …

I recommend based upon those who are:

  • willing to share some level of content freely via social media
  • have a level of humility – willingness to admit they do not know it all (because nobody does)
  • have the heart of a teacher – it is about the player, not the coach or instructor.

I don’t care if all the recommends like each other, agree with each other, etc. This is not a list of a group of homies that BBQ together. They could be competitors. Also, I’m not checking folks background or researching if they have ever used a cussed word on social media. I’m recommending people, facilities, organizations, coaches, trainers, etc that I believe have something to offer for anyone seeking knowledge about getting better at the game of baseball.

If you have an issue with one of my recommends, it doesn’t matter, get better.

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