Free stuff is not products or services just on sale or discounted (ie but one get one free). These are mainly programs or information that is free for those willing to sign up for a newsletter or ebook or email content or whatever. The reader should always research and use judgment before requesting ANYTHING over the internet. Feel free to ask the offering company/organization any and all questions before requesting/ordering. Naturally, if you are not comfortable with anything don’t sign-up/request anything. If any link below does not work, please leave me a comment. Thank you.

Chad Longworth Online Website main page  

Scroll down from main page to get free guides to building a softball pitcher and an intro to weighted bat training. 

Alex Simone Baseball Performance Website main page

Main web page has how-to videos relating to development. At bottom of page you can sign-up and get an email of his new content. Also has a free 8 week speed program, click on this link, scroll down to download Free 8 week speed program

Driveline Website Main Page

Their blog is FULL of baseball content, from youth to majors, hitting and pitching. For the free youth guide and drill explainer, click here: Free youth Throwing, Arm Care

You Go Pro You Tube You Tube Main Page

Good and funny video explaining the benefits, the why and the how of long toss for youth, click here Youth Long Toss Vid

Wasserman Strength Website Main Page

Free Dynamic Warmup Ebook: Click Here